CVS employees hide and call the cops when two black customers ask for cheese

When two black men made a trip to a local CVS store in Carytown, Virginia, they didn’t expect to have a run-in with police.

According to WATE, when Ricky Berry and his roommate Philip Blackwell went out to get some sliced cheese, store employees “disappeared” into hiding after telling the men they didn’t have any.

“We looked around for probably 30, 45 minutes and we couldn’t find anybody,” Blackwell said.

Berry recalled that when a police officer showed up, they discovered the employees huddled in a back room behind locked doors.

“[The officer] was laughing with us because, like, this is how weird, apocalyptic movies start,” Berry said, before the officer had a sudden change of heart.

“We’re being kicked out because they were scared of us and hiding,” Berry said. “He just told us that we need to leave premises or else we would be arrested for trespassing and that flipped the script on all of us. We had no idea what was going on.”

The two men said they received an apology from a CVS spokesperson who said employee was going to receive some additional training.

Watch WATE’s report on the story below:

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