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Daily Caller Contributor Suggests That Military Sex Assault Cases Are White House Diversionary Tactics

In a bizarre new level of conspiracy theory, a contributor to the right wing website the Daily Caller theorized that incidents of sexual assaults in the military may be an orchestrated tactic — aimed at steering attention away from the White House.

In a Twitter post this Wednesday, Daily Caller contributor Mickey Kaus made the claim below:

deadstate mickey kaus

Sexual assaults in the military are increasingly gaining exposure. A report released by the Pentagon this month demonstrated that up to 26,000 military members may have been sexually assaulted in 2012, up from an estimated 19,000 in the prior year. One particular disturbing aspect of the report said that 62% of victims who reported assaults were subject to retaliation. Recently, three different military officials who were assigned the job of overseeing sexual assault prevention programs, were actually investigated or charged with committing an act of sexual assault or harassment themselves.

Kaus’s dismissal of the sexual assault issue is nothing new for the Daily Caller, which has a history of publishing content that many have interpreted to be sexist.



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