Daughter of immigrants to Jeff Sessions: ‘My dad dropped out of school in Mexico and came here to pick your food’

On Fox News this Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions parroted the White House line on merit-based immigration, saying that a “good nation” doesn’t accept “illiterate” immigrants, seemingly giving a veiled defense of President Trump’s comments where he disparaged immigrants from “shithole countries.”

“What good does it do to bring in somebody who is illiterate in their own country, has no skills and is going to struggle in our country and not be successful? That is not what a good nation should do, and we need to get away from it,” Sessions told host Tucker Carlson on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

The characterization of refusing “illiterate” immigrants struck a nerve with California State Assembly Woman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher.

The daughter of immigrants, Gonzalez Fletcher took to Twitter this Wednesday and pointed out that when her father dropped out of school in Mexico to come to the U.S., he started out by working the field to pick and pack food that eventually ended up on the dinner tables of Americans. But her father wasn’t destined to pick food forever.

“My father never never finished school in Mexico,” she tweeted along with a link to Sessions’ Fox News interview. “He came to the US to pick & pack your food, opened a small business, bought a restaurant, purchased property—employed folks & paid a lot of taxes. His kids became a teacher, a lawyer & a legislator. I don’t know-what good?”

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Sky Palma

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