‘#FakeChristian’ blows up on Twitter after Mike Pence’s tour of migrant detention facility

As expected, Vice President Mike Pence‘s visit to a Texas detention center isn’t playing so well in the press and social media. Something about the guy’s steely gaze as migrants sat in the crowded facility has people a little perturbed, so much so as to call him a “fake Christian,” thus sparking the latest viral hashtag.

According to Pence, Democrats are to blame for the conditions at border facilities for failing to fund “additional bed space.” But as HuffPost points out, lawmakers, including some Dems, have approved $4.6 billion in emergency funding for border facilities.

Footage released this Friday showsPence touring the facility as migrants housed behind cages look on. According to a report from NBC News, reporters that accompanied Pence described the smell in the facility as “horrendous.” At one point, the footage shows men in the cage chanting, “No shower! No Shower!” as Pence stood just feet away from them.

Historically bad at photo ops, Pence couldn’t escape countless people interpreting his reaction as heartless. In no time, the hashtag #FakeChristian was trending on Twitter, accusing Pence of being a hypocrite when it comes to his Christian faith.




The Friendly Atheist’s Hemant Mehta had a slightly different take on the narrative, saying that Pence’s brand of evangelical Christianity falls right in line with his perceived indifference to the situation.

“The problem with Mike Pence isn’t that he’s a #FakeChristian. It’s that he’s a very real one,” Mehta tweeted. “His brand of evangelical faith treats certain people (LGBTQ, refugees) as unworthy of certain rights.”

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