FBI investigates white supremacist for possession of the deadly toxin ricin

When 27-year-old William Christopher Gibbs drove himself to the hospital claiming he had come into contact with the deadly substance ricin, the FBI immediately put him under investigation.

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention points out, ricin can come in the form of a powder, pellet, or even a mist — but just a small dose can kill.

Indeed, tests confirmed there to be ricin residue in Gibbs’ car. The presence of the deadly substance was suspicious in and of itself, but some of Gibbs’ public affiliations with white supremacy groups made authorities take a special interest.

A brief skim through his Facebook photos shows flags and clothing patches declaring him to be a “White Racial Loyalist.” Other images suggest a link or at least support for the Hells Angels motorcycle club, an organized crime syndicate loosely linked to white supremacist groups, although less-so on the ideology side.

Gibbs also identifies himself to be a member of the “Georgia Church of Creativity,” which is a white separatist movement originally known as “The Church of the Creator,” according to The Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Creativity Movement is the latest of several incarnations of the racist group (and religion) originally known as Church of the Creator. The movement promotes what it sees as the inherent superiority and ‘creativity’ of the white race.

As of now, investigators say there’s no evidence to indicate that the substance that Gibbs was “experimenting with” was disbursed in public, although their investigation is still ongoing.

According to Fox-5 Atlanta, Gibbs is in jail facing charges of reckless conduct and a probation violation. Federal charges may also soon be in his future.

Watch Fox-5’s report on the story in the video below:

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