Federal prosecutors open grand jury investigation into Trump’s handling of classified material

A grand jury investigation has been launched by federal prosecutors into classified White House documents that ended up at former President Donald Trump‘s Florida home, The New York Times reports.

The investigation is looking into whether or not the materials were mishandled during the final days of his administration. Prosecutors have subpoenaed the National Archives and Records Administration for classified documents, according to the two people familiar with the matter speaking to the Times. Prosecutors have also requested interviews with people who worked in the White House during Trump’s final days as president.

“The investigation is focused on the discovery by the National Archives in January that at the end of Mr. Trump’s term he had taken to his home at the Mar-a-Lago resort 15 boxes from the White House that contained government documents, mementos, gifts and letters,” the Times’ Maggie Haberman and After the boxes were returned to the National Archives, its archivists found documents containing ‘items marked as classified national security information,’ the agency told Congress in February. In April, it was reported that federal authorities were in the preliminary stages of investigating the handling of the classified documents.”

The materials are believed to have been kept at the White House before they were shipped to Trump Palm Beach Mar-a-Lago resort. The investigation seeks to uncover whether anyone knew that classified materials were being improperly taken out of the White House and how they ended up at Mar-a-Lago.

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Sky Palma

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