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Florida parent to school board officials: You are all ‘demonic entities’ and Christians are going to ‘take you out’

During the public comment portion of the Lee County school board meeting in Florida Sunday night, a parent opposed to mask mandates in schools had some *choice* words for school board officials.

“My name is Melissa, I have two daughter in the school system,” she said. “These are demonic entities and we need to stick together. Remember, we have authority in Christ Jesus.”

She then went on to accuse all school board members in the United States of being “demonic entities,” adding that “all of us Christians will be sticking together to take them all out.”

“All the police officers that take us out for our First Amendment right will also be going down with them,” she declared. “Do you understand?”

The woman then claimed to be a nurse who’s worked with “infectious disease” for 13 years.

“Masks don’t work. These doctors that were sneering at us like we’re scumbags, they need to go back to f***ing medical school.”

“Turn my mic on!” she demanded.

After being issued a warning, her mic was turned back on, but was immediately turned off again when she resumed her rant.


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