Former federal prosecutor on Mueller report: It shouldn’t take 400 pages to say ‘nothing happened’

Given the length of the Mueller report, former federal prosecutor Chuck Rosenberg thinks there’s likely plenty of damaging information in the report and he’s certain that it does not “exonerate” President Trump.

Speaking on MSNBC this Monday, Rosenberg said, “It’s never taken me 400 pages to say nothing happened.”

According to Rosenberg, who was acting the head of the Drug Enforcement Administration in the Obama and Trump administrations, it’s likely that crimes were committed by Trump, but Mueller probably didn’t think he could files charges because indicting a sitting president would be too “burdensome” and “stigmatizing.”

“I imagine something happened, and that something, particularly with respect to obstruction, was quite serious,” he said. “I can imagine Mueller not making a recommendation, because a recommendation to prosecute someone you can’t prosecute is equally burdensome and equally stigmatizing.”

Rosenberg said that if Mueller truly had information that exonerated Trump, the current narrative wouldn’t be so unclear.

“I don’t believe for a minute, if Mueller had facts that exonerated the president on obstruction, he would have hesitated to say so.”

“I imagine the facts … [may] weigh heavily in favor of a prosecution — but for the fact that you can’t charge a sitting president,” he added.

Watch Roserberg’s interview with MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace below:

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