Former GOP Senate nominee (who’s a woman) says allowing women to vote ‘was the worst thing to ever happen in America’

During a recent interview, former GOP nominee for U.S. Senate Lauren Witzke curiously undermined her own existence in politics, saying that allowing women to vote was a big mistake.

“In regards to women voting, that was the worst thing to ever happen to America too,” she said. “Look at us now — women overwhelmingly vote on their emotions.”

She went on to say that liberals are very good at appealing to women’s emotions with subjects as migrant children — “and women vote for that!”

“They vote to have weapons taken away, our Second Amendment rights taken away,” she continued. “Women used to not vote because their husband would make the choice for them. Now, if just our husbands and land owners were voting, we’d be in a much better place than we are now.”

“The way that women vote, it’s been terrible,” she declared. “I’m apologizing as a female voter for the rest of my fellow female voters because they are voting our country away.”

Watch the video below:

Christofascist Lauren Witzke, Delaware Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in 2020, says: "Letting women vote was the worst thing that ever happened to America!"
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