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Fox & Friends announces that Trump is cutting aid to ‘3 Mexican countries’

After some ribbing on social media, Fox News is apologizing after a graphic was displayed Sunday on Fox & Friends declaring that President Trump is cutting aid to “3 Mexican countries.”

In the wake of the State Department’s announcement that it would no longer provide foreign assistance to El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala — all individual countries in the Northern Triangle of Latin America — the show ran a graphic saying “Trump cuts U.S. aid to 3 Mexican countries.”

The graphic was up on the screen for at least 30 seconds, according to The Hill.

The show later issued a correction for the “inaccurate” graphic.

“Now we want to clarify and correct something that happened earlier in the show,” co-host Ed Henry said later. “We had an inaccurate graphic on screen while talking about this very story. We just want to be clear, the funding is being cut off to the three Central American countries. We apologize for the error. It never should have happened.”

But a screenshot of the flub was already making the rounds on Twitter.

Featured image via Twitter

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