Fox host — whose network mentioned Hunter Biden’s name over 300 times this month — asks: ‘Why is Hunter Biden always in our face?’

During an extended rant this Thursday, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro asked a question that she should know the answer to.

“Why is Hunter Biden always in our face?” she asked.

“We shouldn’t have to deal with him constantly in our face,” she said after bringing up Hunter’s struggles with addition.

Thanks to a Mediaite analysis of the network’s Hunter Biden coverage, it was revealed that the President’s son’s name has been mentioned on the network 393 times since July 1. According to The Daily Beast,  The Daily Beast, Hunter’s name was mentioned on the network around 1,300 times over the past month.

“Huh? What would Republicans talk about if they COULDN’T talk about Hunter Biden?” commentator Joe Walsh tweeted in response to a clip of Pirro’s comments.

“Stop watching FOX, Jeanine. It gets better,” liberal comedian John Fugelsang tweeted.

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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