‘F*ck off!’ Comedian Jim Jefferies responds to Piers Morgan’s claim ‘it’s not a Muslim ban’

During a discussion about President Trump on this Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher, a rather heated exchange broke out between talkshow/reality TV host Piers Morgan and Australian comedian Jim Jefferies.

At one point during the panel discussion, Maher quipped that it was about time for the people who claimed Clinton and Trump were “the same” to apologize, to which Morgan asked, “Why?”

“Are you serious?!” Maher exclaimed. “Like Hillary Clinton would have a cabinet with Betsy DeVos and f*ckin Rick Perry. They wouldn’t have a Muslim ban! They wouldn’t be feuding with everyone in the world. There wouldn’t be this shit with Russia. Are you crazy?”

“Calm down, Bill,” Morgan said. “There is no Muslim ban…”

“Oh, f*ck off,” Jefferies chimed in. “F*ck off. F*ck off… He hasn’t done this he hasn’t done that… Give him a f*ckin chance, mate. He didn’t kill the Jews on the first day. He worked up to it.”

Watch the clip below:

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