Funny or Die’s new video mocking the Duggar Family is perfect

The folks at Funny or Die have nailed it once again, this time in their new skit mocking the Duggar Family for the apparent lack of concern they have for the safety of their daughters.

The skit runs a little over 2 minutes, and it features comedians Erin Gibson and Greg David Jones portraying Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. I don’t want to give too much of it away, but the whole thing is friggin’ hilarious, especially at the end where the Duggars reveal how they’re going to deal with their family crisis:

“We’ve been dealing with this situation the best way that we know how,” Jim Bob says.

“Which means – that’s right, we’re expecting,” Michelle adds.

“All you sinners out there, for every baby we make, the Duggars are going to make two. … Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop…like a little machine gun of Christianity,” Jim Bob says.


Sky Palma

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