Genocide enabler Andrew Jackson will be replaced on the $20 bill by woman who represents ‘racial equality’

According to sources close to CBS News, a woman will soon join the troop of men who appear on printed money with Treasury Department reportedly adding a female face to the $20 bill, replacing 7th president of the United States, Andrew Jackson.

CBS says Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is expected to announce adding a new face to the $20 bill. Originally, a female face was supposed to replace Hamilton on the $10 bill but “that proved to be more controversial than expected.”

“Millions of people weighed in and now the redesign has gotten a redesign of its own,” reports CBS News correspondent Julianna Goldman.

From Uproxx:

According to unnamed sources cited by CNN, the woman will be a representative of the struggle for racial equality and we’ll begin to see the new bills circulate in 2030. If Secretary Lew needs help, Twitter and Miss Colorado have some ideas, or he can look to Women on 20s, the organization that spearheaded the conversation last year. Their pick is Harriet Tubman — a choice which would surely be met with almost universal enthusiasm.

Jackson’s presence on the $20 bill has long been an affront to many, especially Native Americans. Jillian Keenan of Slate argued back in 2014 that his image should be replaced since as president he basically “engineered genocide.”

It was unfathomable that thousands of Native American men, women, and children were forced to march West, sometimes freezing to death or starving because U.S. soldiers wouldn’t let them bring extra food or blankets. It was hard to hear that the Choctaw Nation lost up to a third of its population on the death march. It was disorienting to learn that what amounted to ethnic cleansing had come at the insistence of an American president.

But then it was lunchtime, and we pulled out our wallets in the cafeteria. Andrew Jackson was there, staring out from every $20 bill. We had been carrying around portraits of a mass murderer all along, and had no idea.

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“When we started this conversation not quite a year ago, it wasn’t clear to me that millions of Americans were going to weigh in with their ideas,” said Lew. “We’re not just talking about one bill. We’re talking about the $5, the $10, and the $20. We’re not just talking about one picture on one bill. We’re talking about using the front and the back of the bill to tell an exciting set of stories.”

Unsurprisingly, there’s been backlash to the idea of displaying women on the backs of bills. One open letter to Lew written by multiple women stated that relegating women “to the back of the bill is akin to sending them to the back of the bus. The Rosa Parks analogies are inevitable.”

There are other candidates being looked at for the new bills aside from the civil rights activist including the African American abolitionist Harriet Tubman and former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt. “It won’t be until after 2020 when the new $10 bill goes into circulation — and so the $20 bill would be well after that,” said CBS News.

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