Glenn Beck Claims That Obama is Using Tax Dollars to ‘Teach Government Workers to be Racist’ (VIDEO)

On Fox News this Monday night, Bill O’Reilly hosted his former colleague Glenn Beck to discuss excerpts from a U.S. Department of Agriculture cultural sensitivity seminar video that was released by the conservative group Judicial Watch.

Excerpts from the video feature Dr. Samuel Betances, a sociologist who gives lectures about workplace diversity, race relations and gender issues. The talk was given to USDA employees as part of an initiative to address discrimination issues within the agency.

“Look at what this government is doing.” Beck said. “This government, under Barack Obama, is hiring people to teach people how to be racist. This is the most incredible thing, and we’ve seen a lot of incredible stuff from our government. But usually it’s somebody like [California Democratic Rep.] Maxine Waters who’s like, ‘You know what this liberal’s going to do? We’re going to socialize your oil companies.’ This is a coordinated, planned effort to go in and teach government workers to be racist.”

When O’Reilly pressed Beck as to whether or not Betances’ talk was actually racist, Beck bizarrely replied, “go back one sentence from where you picked it up, where everyone needs to say, ‘Thank you, black man. Thank you, black man.’ What is it with this? We are all in this together. Here’s an organization that is our government spending your tax dollars trying to teach this nonsense. What are they teaching? They’re teaching that the white man came over and stole the land from the Indians.”

Beck couldn’t seem to clarify how a lecture on sensitivity training in the workplace is racist, but this kind of rhetoric has emerged from his narrative before, where any kind of discussion about race gives Beck a reason to cry foul.

Beck was so outraged that he said video warranted the funding of the USDA to be pulled.

The USDA is essential for ensuring food safety, among other things.

Watch Beck’s segment on The O’Reilly Factor in the video below.

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