God vandalizes controversial atheist billboard

A billboard put up by the American Atheists was vandalized along the Interstate 25 in Colorado.

The advertising board read, “Go ahead and skip church. Be good for goodness sake. Happy Holidays.” However, vandals wrote in barely readable red script, “God’s not dead.”

According to NBC4i, the billboard was installed over the holiday season, which has since drawn disdain from the local predominate Christian community, was taken down in the first week of January.

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American Atheists said the graffiti happened on a Sunday and that it’s sad to see someone do this.

“Most people see [the vandalism] for what it is, just a despicable, hateful act and it’s not just atheists saying that either, because an act like this doesn’t do much for the image of good honest Christians who would never do such a thing,” said Randy Gotovich, the Colorado regional director of American Atheists.

Kristine Stanger, a Christian, who drove by the billboard said:

“My initial reaction when I saw it was vandalized was, ‘oh no.’ Took me a long time to figure out what it even said. The vandalism wasn’t very good and then my husband and I had a conversation about it.”

“I can understand being angry that the billboard was there, but again, its freedom of speech. They have a right to have that billboard and the billboard wasn’t hurting anybody, it was just portraying somebodies opinion and somebodies view.”

One member of the community said that he thinks the vandals should step forward, say that they did it and pay a fine. But if they don’t know who did it, then nothing really can be done.

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