GOP lawyer rebukes CPAC audience member’s voter fraud conspiracies: There’s ‘zero evidence’ that’s true

In a moment first reported by NBC News’ Jane Timm, a guest at day two of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) shot down an audience member who asked about voting machines allegedly switching votes in the 2020 election — a claim that been repeatedly refuted by fact checkers.

According to Timm, a woman in the crowd asked about how to fix voting machines that “switched thousands and thousands of votes.” That’s when GOP lawyer Charlie Spies spoke up, reminding her that there is no truth to her claims.

“There is just zero evidence that’s true,” Spies reportedly said.

“The moderator started to suggest maybe vote-switching happened in Georgia, and [Spies said] that the ballots were counted three times there and there was no evidence of that there either,” Timm tweeted.

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Sky Palma

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