GOP party chairman resigns after cop finds him passed out in his car holding a crack pipe

A city councilman in Rhode Island has resigned from his position as the chairman of the Cranston Republican Party after he was arrested on drug charges, ABC6 reported.

Matthew Reilly was charged with one count of drug possession and was released pending a court appearance on June 15. His troubles began this Monday when a police officer responded to a call from someone who said they saw a man in his car who looked like he was choking.

In police body cam footage of the incident, an officer approaches Reilly and wakes him up after finding him passed out in his car. Reilly said that he had “sleep apnea” which is why it looked like he was choking, to which the officer replies that he saw a “crack pipe” in Reilly’s hand.

Reilly first told the officer there were no drugs in the car, but crack cocaine was found during a search. Reilly later admitted that he purchased $100-worth of the drug the day before.

“It was a relapse. I’ve been clean for 13 years,” he told the officer in the body cam video.

Although Reilly has resigned as chairman of the Cranston GOP, he still holds his position has councilman.

Watch a report on the story below:

Sky Palma

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