Guy pulls gun on driver during road rage incident — quickly finds out driver is an undercover cop

A Utah man was arrested and charged after he pulled a gun on another driver this Monday during a road rage incident, only to find out the other driver was a police officer driving in an unmarked car, KSL reports.

Taylor Ray Bradley, 29, reportedly became enraged when he was allegedly being tailgated by the other driver. According to a police affidavit, he then pulled alongside the other driver’s truck and “began yelling profanities and proceeded to point what appears to be a small silver firearm.”

Unfortunately for Bradley, the other driver was actually a sergeant with the Granite School District Police Department — a fact he found out when the officer turned on his red and blue lights on his unmarked car and pulled Bradley over.

When other officers arrived in the scene, they searched Bradley’s car and found a gun hidden inside a seat cushion on the passenger side.

The police affidavit says Bradley “displays signs of an individual who could potentially put the public and other motor vehicle operators at risk for road rage incidents.”

He’s been charged with aggravated assault and threatening to use a weapon in a fight.

Sky Palma

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