Haunting drone footage shows an abandoned ship graveyard in a forgotten corner of NYC

Yes, somewhere in the murky corners of New York City, there’s an abandoned graveyard of ships.

The Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard is located on the shore of Staten Island. Named after Arthur Kill (an anglicisation of the Dutch language word achter kill, meaning “back channel”), the body of water which separates Staten Island from New Jersey.

Chad Aaronson captured this haunting drone footage of the graveyard. It’s like something from a dream.

According to Slate, the site is closed to the public and was once part of a scrapyard in the years after World War II. Old ships were brought to the graveyard to be stripped for parts, but as more ships rolled in, the yard couldn’t keep up and was ultimately abandoned, leaving their shallow hulls to rust in a marine ghost town.

Watch the footage above.

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