He was asked by a co-worker to watch her plant for a few days, then magic happened

Usually when you’re going out of town and you ask someone to take care of your plants, you don’t expect them to form an emotional bond with one of them.

That’s what happened when Reddit user CreaminFreeman, who works at an IT firm in Georgia, was asked by a co-worker to take care of her plant when she was traveling for a few days.

Little did anyone know the magic that would take place between the two of them. It might even make you a little dusty-eyed.


Coffee time! plant 1
Just chatting about stuff. plant 2
Post coffee time. plant 3
Walk in the park. plant 4plant 5plant 6plant 7
Titanic. plant 8
Back to work. plant 9
Lightsaber battle! plant 10
Working on a presentation. plant 11
Foosball. plant 12
Presentation (Plant controlling the slideshow). plant 13
PROMOTED!!! plant 14
Lion King. plant 15
Thought he could simply sneak around the corner. plant 16
Smash! Took the plant to school.plant 17
Art? plant 18plant 19plant 20
Back home. plant 21 h/t: Bored Panda

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