Here are 17 vintage ads that wouldn’t go over too well in 2015

1. Rush Limbaugh? vintage 2
2. They get so emotional. vintage 3
3. Is that Nick Nolte in the middle? vintage 4
4. But do they cure cancer? vintage 5
5. Can’t really argue with this. vintage 6
6. Yes, the 80s are vintage, and you’re old. Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 11.48.57 AM
7. Hopefully not when you’re about to pull off a threesome. vintage 7
8. Is that an order? vintage 9
9. If you see these guys, turn and run. vintage 10
10. “If anyone here works in marketing, kill yourself.” -Bill Hicks vintage 11
11. Kids love them! vintage 12
12. We’re clearly not mature enough to handle the name “Dick.” vintage 13
13. Now we know what to leave out in place of milk and cookies this year. vintage 14
14. The real “war on marriage”? vintage 15
15. There’s an idea: feed your baby booze. vintage 16
16. Ten bucks says the person who conceived this ad is in jail. vintage 17
17. Your daughter’s chubby, but don’t worry — you can still objectify her. vintage h/t:BuzzFeed



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