Here are 18 pictures that demonstrate how terrifying Halloween was back in the day

18. These two ferrets from hell. creep 1
17. This thing that we imagine the Blair Witch looks like. creep 3
16. These figures on either end that are just wrong. creep 4
15. This little bundle of horror. creep 5
14. Never mind. Look at this one. creep 6
13. This weird duo that might as well be from The Twilight Zone. creep 7
12. This poor unassuming child. creep 8
11. These ghastly things that need to leave. creep 9
10. This nightmare. creep 10
9. This thing in the middle though. creep 11
8. This thing that won’t escape your mind ever. creep 13
7. This trio of terror. creep 14
6. This guy who is someone’s dad. creep 15
5. This thing that requires the fight or flight response. creep 16
4. This picture that you shouldn’t look at. creep 17
3. This guy on the right having to do a double-take. creep 18
3. These people who will stalk you forever. creep 21
2. These two if you just knew who they were, it’d make it all better. creep 22
1. This kid who is actually somewhat of a relief. creep 23

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