Here are 21 terrifying bugs that will haunt your dreams

We all have friends and loved ones who are absolutely petrified with fear when it comes to bugs.

Now, were not denying that there’s a legitimate creep-factor there. We get it. However, it’s also pretty clear that the mental aspect of that creep factor is adding an exaggerated scare dynamic to the bug world that they don’t always deserve.

But after looking at the images below, you’ll probably agree that there are some creepy crawlies that deserve credit for every ounce of terror they dish out.

(h/t: Ebaum’s World)


1. Botfly larvae. bugs 1
2. Japanese giant hornet.
bugs 2
3. Aficanized honey bee. bugs 3
4. Bullet ants. bugs 4
5. Assassin bugs. bugs 5
6. Jewel wasp. bugs 6
7. Cicada crickets. untitled
8. Saddleback caterpiller. bugs 9
Giant cockroach.bugs 10
10. Japanese mountain leech. bugs 11
11. House centipede. bugs 12
12. Giant centipede. bugs 13
13. Huntsman spider. bugs 14
14. Joro spider. Huge Queen Spider
15. Giant weta. bugs 16
16. Giant orb weaving spider. bugs 17
17. Giant Katydid. bugs 19
18. Dobson fly. bugs 20
19. Titan beetle. bugs 21
20. Giant isopod. bugs 22
21. Brahmin caterpillars. bugs 23bugs 24bugs 24

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