Here are 21 things that are strangely similar to each other

21. Justin Timberlake and these ramen noodles. same 1
20. This fellow whose doppelganger is the old man from Up. same 2
19. Michael Jackson and this ancient statue honoring Michael Jackson. same 3
18. Nicky Minaj and this Troll Doll. same 4
17. This old lady who was clearly the inspiration for this Looney Toons character. same 5
16. This dog who could go undercover as a Teddy Bear. same 6
15. This woman trying to break from her larvae form. same 7
14. This homeless dude and this male model — or is it the other way around? same 8
13. This dog and Putin (also interchangeable). same 9
12. This other dog and f-cking Richard Branson. same 10
11. Cartman. same 11
10. Snoop and dog. same 12
9. This rare occurrence. same 13
8. This Cabbage Patch human. same 14
7. This picture that’s actually blowing your mind. same 15
6. And this.
5. This happy family. same 18
4. This lovely couch pattern. ame 19
3. This alpaca and that dude…from that one show. same 20
2. This rad baby and the Michelin Man. same 22
1. This woman with a knack for putting colors together. same 23
h/t: Bored Panda

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