If you want to better understand the Syrian refugee crisis, watch this video

In regards to scale, the civil war in Syria is a tragedy that’s reminiscent of the earth-moving conflicts of the early 20th Century. So far, a quarter of a million people have been killed, with millions of others displaced.

In this age of information, there are still people who are woefully ignorant about the origins of the refugee crisis that has developed as a result of the war – but that doesn’t those people are any less opinionated about refugees and their intentions.

The video below is a great breakdown of what’s currently happening. It also manages to make a very important point about fears in the Western world regarding what the influx of Syrians will bring:

Even if the E.U. alone were to accept all 4 million Syrian refugees and 100 percent of them were Muslims, the percentage of Muslims in the European Union would rise from about 4 percent to about 5 percent. This is not a drastic change, and will certainly not make [Europe] a Muslim continent. A Muslim minority is neither new, nor reason to be afraid.

Watch the video below. If you want to donate to the United Nation Refugee Agency, visit here.

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