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Influential gay rights activist makes his choice for 2020: Kamala Harris

Looking out over the sea of Democratic candidates vying for the 2020 presidential nomination, influential gay rights and political activist Konrad Juengling, sees one clear choice: Kamala Harris.

According to Juengling, he initially wanted to see either Joe Biden, Cory Booker, or Harris throw their hats in the ring. Now that they’ve done so, he’s going with Harris. His reasoning is simple: He and Harris care about a lot of the same things.

They both support the Green New Deal, single payer healthcare, gun control, and women’s reproductive rights.

“Harris is competent, educated, and strategic,” Juengkling said. “She’s got the right positions and policies, and she knows how to run a winning campaign, as she’s repeatedly shown.”

When it comes to a potential running mate for Harris, Juengling thinks Pete Buttigieg would be ideal. Although Buttigieg has far less political experience than Harris (he’s only held one political post, which is mayor of South Bend, Indiana), he has become quite popular and increased visibility for LGBTQ people in politics, including landing a TIME Magazine cover with his husband in May.

Juengkling and Buttigieg have a lot of the same policy goals as well. Overturning Citizens United, abolishing the electoral college, support for the Equality Act, enacting more environmental protections — all things that both Buttigieg and Juengling want to see for 2020 and beyond.

So why Harris for president and not Buttigieg? It all comes down to experience. As Juengling points out, ever since Harris defeated Terence Hallinan in the race for San Francisco District Attorney in 2003, she hasn’t lost a race since.

Juengling’s endorsement of Harris falls in line with his record of supporting women. He endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 for the presidential election, and Paulette Jordan in 2018 for the Idaho gubernatorial election. Now he’d like to see Harris in the White House.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr 

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