ISIS is using the Oregon militia takeover to whip up anti-government sentiment among Americans

Supporters of ISIS are attempting to use the militia takeover of an Oregon wildlife refuge to incite even more anti-government action. In a message posted on Twitter, the Islamic militant group suggested that its supporters can help out the Oregon militants and help other anti-government movements.

ISIS communicates with its American sympathizers through several Twitter accounts with English names. ISIS called the takeover of a government compound in Oregon a “key opportunity” to incite more anger among American citizens and to cause more anti-government actions. Using an ‘American’ account, the militants posted the message to the account of an Iraqi ISIS supporter.

“A mass mobilization of anti-government rebels could occur,” read the message. “These rebels have military experience and are trained in warfare. They may be able to degrade and destroy their corrupt, evil, and oppressive government, or at the least severely damage its operations.”

ISIS urged its supporters to help out the Oregon militants and engage them through social media, instructing them to pose as everyday white Americans in order to gain the trust of the militants.

The post warned ISIS sympathizers to avoid any Islamic terms when talking to the Oregon militiamen, as most were anti-Islam. The message also told supporters that some of the Oregon fighters are hardcore racists, and suggested using racial issues to heighten their anger.

“Feed into it. Amplify it,” read the message. “Oppose the ‘n*ggers,’ the ‘n*gsresses,’ and ‘n*glets.’ Latinos, Arabs (Ay-rabs), and Asians should be included as well. Oppose immigration. Not all are racist, so be careful.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 9.48.04 AM
Via SITE Intelligence Group (Click to enlarge)

The message concluded by telling ISIS sympathizers the ultimate goal for speaking to Oregon militants: to “give them ideas for warfare, strategies/tactics, and suggest targets for them. Focus on economic, infrastructure, and government institution targets.”

[Washington Post] Featured image via NewsFoxes

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