Jim Bakker: America is so evil, I could be ‘murdered in the street’ for wearing a MAGA hat

Needless to say, Christian televangelist and apocalyptic doomsday prepper Jim Bakker is not exactly credible, and his latest claims of persecution deserve just as much skepticism as his claim that liberals are “plotting to kill Christian leaders in this country.”

During the Friday edition of The Jim Bakker Show, Bakker lamented that he can’t go out in public wearing a MAGA hat because he’ll be “murdered in the street.”

In a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch, Bakker called on his fellow Christians to turnout in droves for the midterm elections to teach a lesson to people in America who are “mocking God.” He warned that even though Christians were responsible for electing Trump, if they don’t keep up the pressure, Trump will be “the last president we ever elect.”

“I don’t dare wear a Trump hat,” Bakker said, declaring that he’s a targeted figure due to his support for Trump.

“The evil in this country is so bad, if I was a Republican—which I have been my whole life—I couldn’t wear a hat with my candidate on it without concern about being murdered in the street,” Bakker said.

“They’re putting us in a corner and I won’t shut up,” he added before going on a tangent about alleged death threats he’s received.

“They send messages to me that I will be killed, that I will be through and yet I don’t stop,” Bakker said.

“I’m in the United States of America and I’m threatened because I want to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ — I believe the Bible. I believe this whole book. Why can’t I believe this book? In America, you cannot believe this book without being harassed.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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