Jim Bakker: Dems’ impeachment inquiry is like a ‘snake of Satan’ curled around Trump

On The Jim Bakker Show this Friday, host Jim Bakker assembled his “Prophetic Roundtable” of religious con artists for a discussion covering various subjects, including the Democrats’ “Satanic” impeachment inquiry of President Trump.

After a prayer led by “prophet” and “healer” Katherine Ruonala, where she asked God to “raise up the intercessors” in favor of the President, Bakker turned to televangelist Rick Joyner and asked why Trump has “no control” over his potential impeachment.

“I’ve never seen such diabolical — it’s like a snake of Satan curled around,” Bakker said.

“And it is,” Joyner replied. “But in any other country in the world, this would be treason.”

“We need to define the enemy,” Joyner continued. “You cannot defeat an enemy you do not see. And this socialism, rooted in Marxism, is an enemy that is threatening us — they’v been working out an almost 100-year plan to take over our country since the 1930s.”

Watch an excerpt of the exchange below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab 

Sky Palma

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