Jim Bakker sued by Missouri’s attorney general for scamming people with fake coronavirus cures

Pastor Jim Bakker‘s attempts to promote the Silver Solution sold by his network have apparently been lucrative, but it’s also landed him in a heap of trouble. Within the last week, Bakker has been ordered by the FDA and the FTC to stop making false claims about this questionable product and New York’s Attorney General Letitia James has hit him with a cease and desist order, instructing him to “quit making misleading claims regarding the Silver Solution’s effectiveness.”

And the situation has just become exponentially worse for Bakker, whose ministry is based in Missouri, because the state’s Attorney General Eric Schmitt has jumped into the fray, according to Right Wing Watch. Schmitt’s office has filed a lawsuit against Bakker and Morningside Church Productions, Inc. for misrepresenting Silver Solution’s effectiveness as a treatment for novel coronavirus (COVID-19), according to a press release from Schmitt’s office.

The press release also noted:

“The broadcast and representations made on Bakker’s website led the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the New York Attorney General’s Office to issue cease and desist letters to the Jim Bakker Show directing Bakker to cease making claims about the product that are not supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence.”

“The letter from the FDA advises that currently, there are no vaccines, pills, potions or other prescription or over-the-counter products to treat or cure coronavirus disease.”

The press release also stated that anyone who has purchased Silver Solution should be informed that it can’t cure or treat coronavirus. The lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday morning, “requests a restraining order and permanent injunction ordering Bakker to stop selling Silver Solution as a treatment for coronavirus.”

In the clip provided by Right Wing Watch, Bakker brags about how lucrative his scam is:

And here’s the original clip of Bakker hawking Silver Solution.

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Megan Hamilton

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