Jim Bakker warns his audience about their potential baby-eating neighbors

Televangelist Jim Bakker (yes, that Jim Bakker) gave a rather horrifying warning for his studio audience earlier this month, telling them to put aside food in preparation for the coming Last Days because as the world falls apart, even their own “sweet neighbors” will steal food and eat their own children due to ravenous hunger.

Bakker also happened to be hawking his End Days survival food buckets, just in case anyone reading this shares his audience’s fear of rampant cannibalism.

“The Bible says they’re going to eat their arms, the Bible says they’re going to eat their babies, then it says they’re going to eat their children,” Bakker warned. “That’s what people do when they get hungry.”

Bakker encouraged viewers not inform their neighbors if they purchase his survival food buckets.

He then said he feels a moral obligation to sell his food buckets, regardless if other churches are warning their members not to listen to him.

“When you’re huddled in a corner with your grandbaby and they’re screaming and crying and there’s no food – I don’t want that blood on my hands.”

Here’s the video, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via YouTube

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