Joy Reid debunks Republican’s false Clinton-uranium story

As the pressure from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia heats up, conservative news outlets have been talking a lot about the Obama administration’s 2010 approval of the Uranium One deal, claiming that the mainstream media has been ignoring the story. Many agree that hoopla is an attempt to divert attention from the supposed coming indictments from Mueller’s investigation set to be announced this Monday.

But during a segment on her MSNBC show this Sunday, host Joy Reid demonstrated how easily shot-down the Clinton-uranium story is during a discussion with the Washington Examiner’s Jen Kerns, who is also a former GOP spokesperson.

When Kerns tried to raise the issue, Reid immediately interjected:

Reid: “Who got the money when the Canadian company was sold to the Russian company? The Uranium One? Who received the money?”

Kerns: “I presume the company.”

Reid: “Yes. Okay, second question. Who approved the sale?”

Kerns: “Yes. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.”

Reid: “How many people sit on the committee?”

Kerns: “Nine members.”

Reid: “How many have to approve a deal like this?”

Kerns: “All nine of them.”

Reid: “All nine.”

Kerns: “Absolutely.”

Reid: “How many approved this deal?”

Kerns: “All nine of them.”

Reid then turned to the narrative that says Hillary Clinton personally pushed for the deal.

Reid: “Who is the person who donated to Hillary Clinton who is related to and had an investment in uranium one? What is that person’s name? Do you remember their name?”

Kerns: “They are board members of Uranium One donated up to $143 million I think to the Clinton Foundation.”

Reid: “Did he own any assets in Uranium One at the time Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State?”

Kerns: “You know, I don’t know that, but here’s what I would…”

Reid: He did not. Sold them.

Kerns: “Here’s what i would like to know…”

Reid: “He sold them years before. So what you’re talking about is a deal that nine members of CFIUS approved unanimously. None of them was Hillary Clinton. You have a donor who separately gave Hillary Clinton donations at a time when she was not Secretary of State. The two things cross in the night, they have no relation to each other. The members of CFIUS have been very clear Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with that approving that deal. She would have had to strong-arm eight people in order to get them to unanimously approve the deal and also the President of the United States would intervene if they saw any problems.
The CFIUS people say now that if that deal came before them today they would still approve it unanimously. There’s actually nothing about the deal that’s controversial. The only reason we’re talking about it is because per your admission, which I think is very honest, the RNC would like us to be talking about this now.”

As The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler points out, whenever news regarding Mueller’s investigation heats up, the Trump White House and their surrogates try to shift attention to Clinton and the deal.

But there is no evidence Clinton even was informed about this deal. The Treasury Department was the key agency that headed the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States which approved the investment; Clinton did not participate in the CFIUS decision. The deal was also approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Ultimately, only the president could have blocked or suspended the arrangement.

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