Karens Caught on Video

Karen wants to see the manager because she’s not allowed to shop without a mask

A video is making the rounds showing a woman chewing out a store manager and employee after she was informed that she couldn’t enter the store without a mask.

The incident apparently took place in at a Gelson’s Market in Dana Point, California. In the video, a store employee informs the woman (who is filming the video) that customers are not allowed inside the store without a mask. She then asks to see the manager, and the employee immediately retrieved him.

“I have a medical condition that I’m not allowed to wear a mask and I’m not required by HIPAA rules and regulations to disclose that,” the woman tells the manager, who then tells her that store employees would be happy to shop for her.

The woman refused the manager’s offer to do her shopping for her, saying that she has “private” things she wants to purchase.

“You’re discriminating against me now, you know that?” the woman says.

Watch the full video below:

Karen gets upset because she’s not allowed to shop without a mask, despite being given other safe options. from PublicFreakout

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