Last week, Christian ‘weather warrior’ Kat Kerr commanded Hurricane Ian to disappear — days later 100 people are dead

Kat Kerr, the evangelical “prophetess” and Trump follower who also claims to be a holy “weather warrior” who was given divine authority over hurricanes, appeared in a livestream last week and once again offered her questionable weather control services, this time in regards to the then-impending Hurricane Ian which was bearing down on Florida.

“So, are you ready all you weather warriors? You know what we do — we come against the storm itself, we name that storm, we call on the Host of Heaven to go in there and spread all the bands of the storm, we’re gonna command the pressure to rise in the storm,” she said. “When the pressure rises in the story, okay, it sucks the life out of that storm.”

Kerr then prepared her viewers to recite a prayer designed to turn the storm back.

“We say in the name the Jesus Christ, this storm Ian has no right to crush, harm, destroy any person any property. We rule on this earth with Jesus Christ according to his word.”

According to report from CNN, 100 people been killed by Hurricane Ian days after the storm made landfall at Category 4 strength, decimating coastal towns and leaving rescue crews searching for survivors while communities face the daunting task of rebuilding.

Watch the video below:

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