Macauley Culkin brings back Home Alone’s Kevin McCallister as an adult, and it’s pretty dark

Considering that if you think about Home Alone for any length of time it’s actually horrifying, it’s pretty logical that the adult Kevin McCallister would be struggling with some deep-seated problems.

On top of abandonment issues, the kind of kid who reacts to burglars infiltrating his home by turning his house into an elaborate torture labyrinth probably has some stuff going on that he’s not going to grow into well.

That’s the premise of the first episode of the web series: DRYVRS, brought to you by the Moldy Peaches guitarist Jack Dishel. The web series is a darkly comic take on the eccentric and disturbed characters hired through an Uber-like app.

Macaulay Culkin plays a deeply sad, incredibly familiar guy who has been permanently psychologically scarred by the abandonment and attempted burglary that took place during his childhood. Culkin confesses that he can’t drive immediately after pulling up to pick up the guy who hired him, and it only gets darker from there.


Featured image via screen grab

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