Marjorie Taylor Greene: Someone stole my ‘let’s go Brandon’ sign

Someone who was apparently fed up with the “let’s go Brandon” meme currently sweeping through conservative circles decided to take their frustration out on Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, according to a tweet she fired off this Thursday.

“Last night someone stole my Let’s Go Brandon sign and tore off a few of the lovely letters from nice people too,” she wrote along with a picture of a vacant spot on a wall presumably outside her office.

“They must have been really upset about that little red wave on Tuesday,” she added, referring to the Virginia governorship recently being handed over to a Republican.

The “let’s go Brandon” meme started when an NBC reporter was interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown. As she conducted the interview, the crowd changed “F*** Joe Biden” in the background, who the reporter misinterpreted as, “Let’s go Brandon.”

Sky Palma

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