Bad Coronavirus Takes

Mark Taylor: COVID vaccine is a ‘deadly weapon’ — it’s what the 2nd Amendment was ‘made for’

During a recent segment on the McFiles show with host Christopher McDonald, QAnon conspiracy theorist and Christian “prophet,” Mark Taylor, reiterated his belief that Bill Gates should be arrested based on his history of advocating for vaccines and his current quest to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus.

Additionally, Taylor said that utilizing the Second Amendment to defend one’s self from vaccines is what is what the amendment was “made for.”

“[Gates] says it needs to be done on a global scale,” Taylor said, speaking of Gates’ vaccine initiative. “Mandatory vaccinations — it’s not your choice to have a vaccination. Folks, this — stuff like this is what the Second Amendment was made for.”

“Anybody coming at me, as far as I’m concerned, that vaccine is deadly weapon … Because these vaccines are designed to kill people. That’s the kind of stuff the Second Amendment was made for right there.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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