McClatchy News: Weeks Before Benghazi Attacks, U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens Declined Extra Security

U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens, who was killed with four other people in the Benghazi terror attacks in 2012, twice declined a senior U.S. military official’s offer to have added security assistance, according to a McClatchy News report.

On Tuesday, McClatchy reported that two unnamed government officials said that it’s still unclear why Stevens turned down the offer.

Weeks before the attack, Stevens met with Army Gen. Carter Ham in Germany where Ham told Stevens he could provide him more military security.

It was then that Stevens declined the offer. President Barack Obama’s administration, along with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have come under heavy fire for their handling of the Benghazi attack, with much of the criticism focusing on the lack of security that was present at the time of the violence.

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