Megachurch pastor: Donald Trump ‘is the most pro-Christian president we’ve had in history’

Megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress is one of Donald Trump‘s biggest supporters. He recently said on Lou Dobbs‘ Fox News show that he hopes the 2020 election will “break the backs of the left,” as he believes the survival of America is at stake.

Just ahead of attending Trump’s official campaign launch in Orlando, Florida today, Jeffress said, “this next election in 2020 is not only about giving the president a second term, I believe it’s about the survival of our nation.”

He repeated the right’s usual hyperbolic rhetoric about the left wanting to destroy America and constantly being on the verge of succeeding. He said that the left has attempted a “coup” against Trump and that if the left gets control “they’re never going to let go and it’s going to be the end of America as we know it.”

Jeffress spoke of Trump’s “godly policies” being the only thing that can save America.

“And that is why, as a Christian, I am standing up and encouraging other Christians to stand up for this president and his godly policies. I believe, as millions of Christians do, this is America’s last chance. We can’t get it wrong.”

He then accused New York City of becoming a sanctuary dedicated to killing babies. New York City has recently allocated money to a fund that pays clinics for abortions for women who cannot afford the procedure. When asked about it, Jeffress called it “evil.”

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“New York City is trying to become a sanctuary city for killing babies, and that is truly evil,” he said.

Jeffress also said that Christian leaders in New York need to “get their people into the streets and raise holy hell about this.”

The pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas attempted to refute all criticism of Trump on the grounds of him being a pro-Christian president. He said, “I don’t know any policy the president has that is non-Christian.” The pastor also called Trump, “the most pro-Christian president that we’ve had in history.”

Soon, Robert Jeffress will expand his media presence and influence in the right-wing political sphere. Fox Nation will begin airing his new program “Pathway to Victory” on June 24.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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