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Michele Bachmann claims Brussels bombing was God’s master plan to humiliate Obama

She’s Back!

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She’s Back!

Everyone’s favorite looney toon former congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, is trying to outdo Sarah Palin whose recent incoherent freeform oratory stylings make one wonder if all that money buys a new kind of drug not available to the average budget.

Michele Bachmann has published her latest thoughts (I’m being generous) on the President in a column on the religious extremist/conspiracy theory website WorldNetDaily, that rivals the strangest performance art. Here is a sample of the bizarre, paranoid, pseudo-religious gobbledygook she likes to think of as her belief system.

“Or maybe our president’s humiliation comes in a manner so devastating it makes one wonder whether the Creator of humankind isn’t reminding this world of the inferiority of foolishness in the face of wisdom.

The president once again mocked his nemesis, the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, by cleverly turning the international press corps toward his brilliant work in Cuba, instead of covering ongoing Islamic attacks against the Jewish state as outlined that very same day at the annual pro-Israel AIPAC meeting in Washington, D.C.

History changed less than 24 hours later in the blink of an eye, and the rug was pulled out from under his well-laid plans.

Obama’s slavish press corps was forced to turn their uncritical gaze from adoring him to revealing the newest carnage in Brussels.

Our eyes were spellbound.”

Behold the awesome wonder of a mind gone off the rails.



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