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Michele Bachmann: Migrant caravan members may ‘stage a tragedy’ to frame Trump

Appearing on the apocalyptic Christian radio program Understanding the Times this Monday, former GOP congresswoman Michele Bachmann took an opportunity to dip her toes in the waters of right-wing conspiracy mongering, suggesting that members of the migrant caravan trekking northward to the U.S. border could “stage” a false flag event designed to hurt President Trump politically.

Speaking to host Jan Markell, Bachmann mentioned the viral images of a 3-year-old Syrian refugee boy whose body washed up on the shores of the Mediterranean sea back in 2015, saying that liberals used him as an “icon to allow millions of migrants into Europe.”

Bachmann said that conservatives should be prepared for a “tragic incident” to occur that might “very well be staged.”

“…and they’ll use that to try to hang it around President Trump’s neck and around the neck of the Republicans to say, ‘Look how cruel these people are — we’ve got to open our doors to these people,'” Bachmann said in an audio clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “I think that could be very well be what they mean to do.”

She then mentioned the flaccid myelitis virus, which has stricken numerous children in several states, and suggested that it was brought here by immigrants.

“Today, we’re dealing with this issue of the strange polio virus that’s impacting little children,” Bachmann said. “We have all of these strange diseases that were cured in the United States and they’re here.”

“Why? Because literally millions of people are coming into the United State illegally,” she continued. “They aren’t vetted, they’re aren’t checked. The American people are paying the price for that lawlessness.”

Listen to the audio below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

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