Michelle Malkin Attacks Obama’s Israel Trip With Vague Unfocused Rant on Fox (VIDEO)

Appearing on Fox & Friends this Thursday, Michelle Malkin slammed President Barack Obama’s first ever trip to Israel, making a somewhat incoherent critique of the peace process between the Jewish state and the Palestinians. Claiming that Obama’s trip was merely a “photo op,” Malkin went on to say that “he shouldn’t have gone in the first place” when asked what Obama could have done to make her think it was a success.

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy then asked if Obama was sending conflicting messages by having his first press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the second with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

“I think the White House photo album will reflect that this entire trip was one of faux friendship photo ops on both sides of the border,” Malkin replied. “Yesterday, of course, I think the unspoken words at the end of Obama’s declaration, that he supported an unbreakable alliance between Israel and America, was the phrase ‘despite my best efforts to break it.’”

“If this just is all a photo op, what would you have preferred to see President Obama do in these couple of days there?” asked Alisyn Camerota.

“He shouldn’t have gone in the first place,” Malkin replied. “Our Nobel Prize-winner in chief has been pretty happy with the status quo that he is now sanctimoniously condemning on this trip.”

Brian Kilmeade commented that he thought the most important part of Obama’s trip to the Middle East would be to Jordan’s “friendly king” who must “stay in power,” suggesting that Obama must secure relations between America and Jordan’s pro-Western government since former U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak of Egypt was ousted in during the “Arab Spring” uprising.

Somewhat misleadingly, Kilmeade suggested that the U.S. government had a hand in Mubarak’s removal, saying that “we thought it would be a good move to let him go because maybe he wasn’t the most benevolent ruler.”

Demonstrating an equal lack of knowledge in regards to geopolitics, Malkin replied that since “we’ve alienated every last one of our major allies around the world,” she lacked faith that Obama could maintain America’s good standing with Jordan.

As to which major ally we’ve “alienated” is unclear.

Watch the Fox & Friends segment in the video below.

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