Mike Pence ‘couldn’t be more proud’ of Trump’s proposal to allow adoption agencies to ban gay parents

While celebrating National Adoption Month, Vice President Mike Pence took a moment to praise an initiative proposed by the Trump administration that would allow adoption agencies that bar LGBT families from adopting to receive federal funds.

“We’ve reversed the rule implemented in the closing days of the last administration that jeopardized the ability of faith-based providers to serve those in need by penalizing them for their deeply held religious beliefs,” Pence said according to NBC News. “We will stand for the freedom of religion and we will stand with faith-based organizations to support adoption.”

According to Pence, he “couldn’t be more proud” of the “decisive action” taken at “President Trump’s direction.”

From NBC News:

More than 100,000 foster children are awaiting adoption, according to government data, but a constellation of religious agencies refuse to consider same-sex parents when placing these children. Shortly before the end of his second term, President Barack Obama changed nondiscrimination rules governing adoption agencies to expand the definition of groups protected against discrimination to include LGBTQ people. Trump’s proposed rule change will undo that.

Under the proposed rule, the US Department of Health and Human Services would revamp an Obama-era rule that included sexual orientation as a protected trait under anti-discrimination protections.

Tony Perkins, president of the notoriously anti-gay Family Research Council, was ecstatic about the proposal.

“Thanks to President Trump, charities will be free to care for needy children and operate according to their religious beliefs and the reality that children do best in a home with a married mom and dad,” Perkins said. “Under the proposed HHS rule, faith-based adoption providers will no longer have to choose between abandoning their faith or abandoning homeless children because the government disapproves of their views on marriage.”

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