Mississippi’s anti-gay law is the LGBT version of Jim Crow

According to Pop Crunch host Hasan Piker, Mississippi’s new anti-gay bill is the LGBT version of Jim Crow laws because it “essentially gives free reign for intolerance under the protection of religious beliefs.”

Piker, who is part of The Young Turks network, argues that “as long as people have sincerely held religious beliefs, they will be allowed to refuse to provide counseling services, foster care, and adoption services-even, if these services are funded by the government.”

The bill, House Bill 1523, was signed into law on Tuesday and supporters say the new law protects the people’s right to “religious freedom” from “government discrimination.” However, critics say the bill actually legalizes discrimination of LGBT people and will lead to civil rights violations.

“This bill is broad, dangerous, and essentially giving free reign to being an intolerant f*ck-bag under the premise of protecting your religious beliefs,” Piker said.

Watch the Pop Crunch segment in the video below:

Featured image: magnoliaboysstate (Flickr)

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