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New Allegations Say Paula Deen Paid Black Employees in Alcohol

Adding to disgraced chef and cooking show host Paula Deen’s woes, new allegations have surfaced from a former employee who worked at one of Deen’s restaurants.

The oyster cook, who is African American, claimed that during his time at the restaurant, Deen regularly made him and other employees work the parties on her Savannah estate without pay — instead being compensated with alcohol.

Paula and [her brother] just gave us beer and alcohol and I don’t even drink. It was insulting and unfair. I was like, ‘Pay me!’

She knew I had just gotten married. I had a baby on the way. I needed the money and I was the only one to step up and complain over it because half the kitchen just needed their jobs. I was fired over it in the end because I’m not afraid to speak my mind.

Deen allegedly threatened to fire the restaurant employees if they refused to work the parties. The new allegations come on top of a lawsuit filed against Deen and her brother Bubba Hiers, which claims the pair discriminated against black employees — even constantly referring to one as “my little monkey.”

Watch Paula Deen’s appearance on the Today Show in the video below.



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