New documentary exposes the disturbing practices behind youth football camps in Texas

The Esquire TV Network is set to release a new documentary that exposes the gruelingly-disturbing youth football camps in Texas.

Friday Night Tykes, which premieres January 14, profiles five teams of eight and nine year-olds from San Antonio in the Texas Youth Football Association. The main focus of the series will be the questionable methods coaches use on children, along with numerous safety practices that have been called into question.

With more and more parents of youth football participants becoming concerned about growing evidence linking concussions with brain disease, it is worth noting that during the 90-second promotional clip, there are two helmet-to-helmet hits that would draw fines in the NFL.

The series seems determined to explore the fine line between building character and toughness and what is just plain old abuse.

“The trailer is definitely troubling to watch,” an NFL spokeswoman told the Los Angeles Times.

Watch for yourself in the video below:

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