Newsmax host: Trump is an ‘irrational madman’ and that’s a ‘good thing’

During a segment on his Newsmax show, host Greg Kelly praised Donald Trump for being crazy.

“Alright, he’s a madman. Yeah, he’s a bit crazy, but we like it that way,” Kelly said. “A madman, and that is a good thing. It actually — once he’s president again, as is my hope — will keep us safer, just like it did when he was president.”

“And just like it did when other people that our enemies thought were a little bit crazy, it helps us,” he continued. “There’s actually a theory. It’s called the madman theory, and it came up in the Nixon administration.”

“When a country makes their leader look irrational and volatile so other world leaders would avoiding provoking the country, fearing an unpredictable response. And Richard Nixon, who was definitely a little bit different, is the guy who got this started.”

Watch the video below, via Media Matters:

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Sky Palma

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