Oregon militiamen turn on each other as member blows group’s donations on booze at a bar

Less than a week after the siege in Oregon began, the group of Oregon militants who occupied a government building are becoming divided, as several scandals emerged.

Joe Oshaugnessy, a militiaman from Arizona, has reportedly left the group and is staying in a nearby motel. Oshaugnessy, known as “Captain O,” was once heavily involved in recruiting people to join the occupation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

The spokesman for the militants also said that Captain O has spent money that the group raised online on a personal binge at nearby bars and liquor stores. Although he is currently staying at a motel and is seemingly out of the group, several other militants are leaving the compound to sleep at a motel.

Cai Irvin, a vocal supporter of the militiamen, posted a tearful video online where he said that Captain O’s betrayal was like “finding out that Santa Claus didn’t exist.” Although Irvin deleted that video from his Facebook, he still has many other videos online.

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Posted by Cai Irvin on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Oshaugnessy attempted to defend himself with a confusing and nonsensical rant on Facebook, saying that the militant group “desired to launch a smear Campaign against me… Even though I am one of the only Patriots on the outside doing everything I can to try and prevent this from turning into another Wako (sic).”

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A donation-fueled drinking binge isn’t the only drama that threatens “Y’all Qaeda.” Brian Cavalier, the personal bodyguard of the group’s leaders, the Bundy brothers, openly boasted about his time served as a Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, Cavalier was kicked out of the group after it was revealed that he completely made up his military credentials.

Blaine Cooper, another leader in the group, also has a made-up military record. Cooper is known for dressing head-to-toe in military gear, even being referred to as a Marine and in a 2014 interview. While the Department of the Navy reported that Cooper signed up for the Marines, he never even reported for training, and did not serve. Cooper said that he didn’t want to correct the interviewer on television. Cooper still remains in the group to this day.

Although the siege continues, brewing internal conflicts makes it look like the militant’s days of playing army will soon be over.

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