Pat Robertson tells America to fight back against gay ‘totalitarian dictators’

On today’s edition of the 700 Club, Pat Robertson went after business leaders and politicians for “caving” to the “gay lobby” by speaking out against the Religious Freedom Reformation Act (RFRA) law in Indiana.

“They’re not liberal, they’re totalitarian dictators,” Robertson said of activists who oppose the law. “They’re going to force you into their mold, they’re going to make you conform to political correctness, they’re going to make you do what the Left thinks is right, they’re going to make you acknowledge homosexual marriage, they’re going to make you embrace lifestyles that you think are anti-biblical despite your religious belief.”

“The fact that these gays are making such a fuss of it and businesses are caving, businesses all over the country are caving, they are terrified of the gay lobby, terrified of the gay lobby. Don’t we have any backbone left in this country?” Robertson wondered.

Robertson’s rant came after a CBN News report which claimed that Indiana’s new law is no different from previous federal and state versions of the RFRA, a claim which is false.

Watch Robertson’s comments in the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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